What To Expect

To Strengthen our Weaknesses, Build Confidence and Develop our Spirits.

With Enthusiasm and Dedication
you can achieve anything worthwhile. Being a good martial artist/fighter  is no different.
Training at This School.  has to be important to you. We are not saying it has to be the most important thing in your life but, if your full potential is to be realised your training must be consistant and intensive that is where we come in.
We Have Basic Rules.  That include attendance, correct uniform and punctuality. If they are not followed you will be told to leave the school.
We Will Push You To Be Your Individual Best  In order to do so you must be here. We have the attributes to make you a Healthy, Confident, Mentally and Physically Strong Individual capable of defending yourself and your family. You Will Possess the Knowledge of an accomplished martial fighter and live a healthier more focused lifestyle.
Principles that can greatly enhance your home and working life passing on to and through your loved ones. 
We can think of no greater gift to give than confidence. Outside of the school it can radiate through your 
personality and into those around you giving you the positive energy to take on all of life's challenges.
We Hope We Have Briefly Explained  that being a good martial artist at this school is not just about fighting. Along the way you will also gain the knowledge to live a healthier and longer life.
We Have Stayed Small  simply because our Sifu Tony Clements is not driven by commercial principles, promoting school after school of average ability. Here is a full, traditionally complete martial fighting/healing system where 25+ year students still come to train and call their second home.  
You will find a friendly atmosphere where there is always a senior at hand should you need assistance. There are no enflamed ego's here and new students must have the heart to train hard and always show respect to their training partners. We have many club doormen that train at our school, but you would not know that from their persona. We believe example leads and there are few as inspiring as Sifu Clements.
                           A Final Word About The training At This Traditional Martial Arts School.
You will be pushed all the way to be your individual best, but there are no overnight success stories. If this is a quick fix or a passing fad for you look elsewhere, we do not want you.
Alternately if you can give the school your time we are here for you.
It Can Be a Life changing Decision.
We look forward to training with you.
1000 times by yourself =
100 times in practice =
1 time when you need it.
-Mohammed Ali.