Year 1 & 2 Syllabus

You will initially be taught body building exercises solo and with a partner to build muscle, ligament and tendon growth in the joints. This will encorage powerfull, fluid movenent of the body. Also the level 1 student will be shown important body conditioning drills to help keep the mind focused. Adhering to traditional principles there will be no tempting hands ( free fighting ) taught during this year.
Shaolin Five Stance Form
Will be taught along with fighting principles. An introduction to the soft side of the system will be taught along with meditation, simple chi gung and body nourishing exercises.
Sarm Po Chin
Will be taught, this is the core form of the Southern Steelwire Mantis. It is the most important form you will be shown being the root of all that follows. This form further increases the strength of the internal and external body and introduces the student to the footwork, stances and centreline fighting techniques used in the system.
Lau Kuen
Will be taught in its first stage.This initially teaches the student fast powerfull movement and strong stance work, while applying fluent fighting techniques. These will be trained solo and with a partner.
Chi Gung
Breathing patterns and internal principles will be shown to aid a healthy body.

The 2nd years training will involve more advanced exercise as the body grows carrying on the previous years principles for power, fluidity, health and fitness.You will be shown a more advanced level of the core form Sarm Po Chin increasing the body's energy and strength development even further. Adhering to traditional principles there will be no tempting hands ( free fighting ) taught during this year.
Sarm Bo Yui Que
Will be taught, this is the second form in the system and teaches technical application including joint locking and sensitivity drills for fighting. There will also be contact training developing the techniques used in this form.
Lau Kuen.
This form will be taught to completion. This will teach the student how to control distance during a fight as well as stability, stamina and movement using further advanced technique.
You will also be shown sensitivity drills and more advanced conditioning sets to complement your training.
Hung Kuen.
The first part of the tiger/crane form will be shown. This is a very advanced fighting and internal development exercise and initially teaches the student to begin to feel advanced power transference through the joints of the body.
Chi Gung
More advanced breathing patterns and internal principles will be shown to further aid your healthy body.
You will by now.
It is at the end of your second year you will take your Grey Sash grading.
It is at this time you will be invited to drink tea with Sifu during a traditional tea ceremony where you will officially become a member of the school.
You will at this level start tempting hands ( free fighting ) using the techniques you have been taught slowly and purposefully continuing on and through the system at your own pace.
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