Timetable and Fees.

Outside of scheduled lesson times there is always a senior student around to help you if required.
The lesson days and times for BEGINNERS ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE TRIAL PERIOD are as follows.

                                                      BEGINNERS ADULTS TIMETABLE
                   The school is open every day from 10am until 5pm for members of the school for your personal use. 
Scheduled lessons are as follows.

MONDAY      7-8pm Extra Training Optional one Class when beginners class is on.
THURSDAY     6-7pm Childrens Classes. 7-9pm Open for free training.
FRIDAY          7-9.pm  Extra Training    Optional two Classes available by invitation only.
SATURDAY    9-10am Extra Training    Optional one class when beginners class is on
SUNDAY  First of each month  2-4pm Sifu Clements COMPULSORY TWO HOUR SHAOLIN            TRAINING SESSION.
SUNDAY   Rest of the month 3.00-4.00pm Sifu Clements COMPULSORY SOUTHERN MANTIS LESSON.

The Fees for adult training at this school are paid monthly at £45.00
As a beginner you have the option to come training 8 hourly lessons per week if you want to. 
Only Sifu Clements lessons are COMPULSORY for training.
This one off fee entitles you to use the facilities every day and 6 nights a week. This allows you extra time for personal training and to attend as many extra training sessions per month as you want to go to 
at no extra cost.