For members of the school the facilities are open for personal training from 9am-9.30 pm every weekday and Saturday.
Also from 10-5pm on a Sunday
Outside of scheduled lesson times there is always a senior student around to help you if required.
The lesson days and times for beginners once you have done the trial period are as follows.

Monday       7-8pm          Extra training     optional
Wednesday  6.30-7.30pm Sifu Clements   compulsory
Thursday      8-9pm         Extra training     optional
Friday          7.30-9.30pm Extra Training    optional
Saturday      9-10am        Extra Training    optional
Sunday        4-5pm         Sifu Clements    compulsory

So you have the option to come training six lessons per week if you so wish to.
Only Sifu Clements lessons are compulsory training.