Childrens Details

Why are we doing this ?
If we could change the time in our lives when we started our own martial arts training were sure the answer would be to when we were younger.
Also we have this fantastic training hall which, if it can light up most adults eyes the first time they see it, then it will certainly get a young childs imagination going.
What age can we start training?
We have found the attention span of younger children than age 6 is generally too short for continual training therefore we do not take children under this age.  
How are we different. The parents role?
Firstly it is unfortunate but necessary to say that we are not a drop off centre for parents wishing to offload their kids for a couple of hours. In fact the role of the parents are as a childs greatest teacher, and the home the most important school. So we say your role is as important or greater than ours. Your child will be given regular homework as kung fu is as much an exercise of the mind as the body.This is so the children can grasp the basic philosophies of life and martial arts.
The parents responsibilities will primarily be to maintain their childs performance by encouragement  and to abide by the schools codes of conduct with regards to punctuality and attendance. A continually disruptive child will not be tolerated and membership will be revoked in all instances your money is not the driving force behind our school.
This class is primarily given to encourage young adults to become respectfull, confident and healthy members of our community. So class size big or small is not the issue. Uniform must be cleaned and ironed and your child must be picked up promptly from the reception area at the end of each training session. This also serves that we may give feedback on your childs performance and answer any queries that are raised. Unfortunately, if this all sounds like too much hard work we respectfully suggest you take your child elsewhere. 
We will give your child a solid background in martial arts. The training will be intense buy most of all enjoyable. We expect the child to grasp the whole perspective of martial arts and how it can enhance their life, building a strong focused mind and healthy body. Preparing them ready to take on all of life's challenges with vigour and confidence.
Thursday Evening   6 - 7pm
Sunday Afternoon 4.00pm - 5.00pm
Please arrive with time to spare as previously communicated regular lateness is not acceptable.

By monthly direct debit £25
or by calender month in cash £30
or per lesson £4.50.
Annual membership is £15.00 payable within one month as this includes insurance cover 
Uniform £25.00 (Includes Mantis school Tee Shirt and Trousers)

Further Questions.
If you have any further queries or wish to look around you are welcome to visit the school. The best time for further communication would be around 15 minutes before the childrens classes start then you may speak to the teachers Sifu Clements, Paul, Ron, Jas, Eddie or Contact Paul on 0121 5237260.
Thanks for looking.