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The Southern Mantis is regarded as an extremely powerfull close range martial fighting system. Traditional forms and chi kung training are taught enabling the fragile body to withstand tremendous blows while retaliating at will with ferocious chains of attack.

There is a concentration of the yin and yang philosophy with advanced practitioners being skilled at nerve point striking and meridian anatomy. Traditional herbal and medicinal teachings are taught following chinese medicine & meditation philosophies to compliment the healthy body. Kung fu training at this school demands patience and hard work. Anything is possible.....make it happen.

                                              Sifu Anthony Clements Hon Jia Quan Tong Long.
                                       Sifu Anthony Clements has dedicated his life to kung fu.
The highest of possible standards that he has achieved over 45 years of training has been testimount to the many hours every day that he still spends perfecting the system he has carried forward. In him we see what this training can give you and he remains an inspiration to all that train with him.  
Here we are highly privileged to have him teaching the Southern Mantis System. Sifu Clements also receives traditional teachings passed from Shifu Shi Yanzi one of the chief disciples of Abbot Shi Yong Zin and Shifu Shi Yan Lei both well respected fighting monks from Shaolin Temple London.
Indeed we were honoured when Sifu Yeung Yan Lon and the Abbott of Shaolin Temple Shi Yong Zin came to our centre to officially give our training hall his blessings on his visit to the UK when he opened Shaolin Temple London. 
Our Sifu Anthony Clements has this year been honoured by the Abbot of the Shaolin temple in China and given a very special award for his outstanding achievements in Martial Arts. He is in fact the only non monk ever to be given this prestigious honour, so we are truly lucky to have him teaching at our school. 
We regularily hold seminars from well respected martial artists from around the country and will continue to embrace the many different ideas that these dedicated teachers pass on to us and use in our training. 

Our school has been teaching students in Birmingham for 25 years.
If you are interested in any of our classes you can ring Thibaut on 07895448707 or fill in your details on the contact page and someone will get back to you.
Regards in martial arts.
The Tao Centre.
If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence. 
Lao Tzu.