BEGINNERS CLASS STARTS SATURDAY 6th APRIL.                                   

                    LEAVE YOUR DETAILS or CALL 07895448707 


Beginners classes are SATURDAY morning at 10am and MONDAY evening at 7pm.You will be asked to attend these lessons for four consecutive weeks before being accepted into the school.

Trial lessons give you a feel for our training syllabus, to see if its what you are looking for.
                                                   WE EXPECT
You to show a degree of commitment and a willingness to better yourself as you will be pushed quite hard during this trial. This is because there are many people who profess to wanting to learn Kung fu but fewer who are willing to put in the required effort.
                                             DO NOT BE PUT OFF
 We just want to emphasise that if you train here you are starting a physical and mental journey that will greatly enhance your life but you must give it your time. 
                                                WE ARE ONLY
looking for people with a positive attitude to bettering themselves. 
 Regardless of your current fitness situation, your health,weight, overall fitness and confidence in your life, will improve dramatically while training.
Make Sure You Arrive early for registration & warm up. If you are late the door will be closed.
Full Cost For trial Classes is £40 Payable on your First Saturday
There are no dress restrictions for the trial just wear comfortable clothing with gym footwear. 
Any other questions just ask 

Come to the edge, he said. They said, but we are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed 
them... and they flew.
Apollinaire Guillaume. 

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